Imposing a lien
A lien is imposed on a vehicle usually as security for payment of a loan and prevents transfer of ownership until the lien is removed. A lien in favour of a bank or finance company is transmitted directly to the Licence Bureau computer system. In the case of a lien being registered at the Licence Bureau, the vehicle owner or power-of attorney must be present. If the vehicle is registered under the name of a company, association or suchlike, a power-of-attorney signed by a lawyer is required.

If your vehicle is stolen or declared a "total loss" (write-off) or its registration at the Ministry of Transport has been cancelled, you are legible for a refund of the annual licence fee proportionate to the relevant period. If your request is deemed justified, the refund will be paid into your bank account within three months from the date you submitted your request.

If your vehicle is being kept off the road for an extended period of time due to travel, repair or any other reason, you may save the expense of the vehicle licence and insurance fees by depositing your vehicle licence. You must go to the Licence Bureau with your identity card and vehicle licence, fill out a vehicle licence deposit form and receive written confirmation of the deposit. The relative amount to be refunded from your licence fee payment will be subtracted from the new licence fee. To receive a refund of insurance fee payment, contact your insurance agent. To reinstate the licence, go to the Licence Bureau with your identity card and the confirmation of deposit. You will then be required to pay the new licence fee, less the amount due to you from the deposit period.